Short Circuit - the movieI’m sure anyone reading this has seen the old ’80’s movie Short Circuit.  Well, I had the scare of my life last night.  I was sitting down and my sister, Cheyenne, was trying to upload new phone ringers with my computer.  She poured herself a new glass of wine and dribbled a portion on the computer when it promptly shutdown on its own.  That sucks seeing as we’ve already spent $300 to replace it when I got really pissed at it and punched it…. so this is what my computer looked like when it was on… seriously:

My dead laptop

So here’s the back story: that’s the second time Chey spilled liquids down a laptop that I’ve owned.  The first time was about 4 years ago and I believe the drink of choice was actually water.  So if you condense the time that I’ve seen her, it pretty much narrows it down to two consecutive spills… just different laptops.  *sigh*  But like I said earlier, I did pound the shit out of it once already.

Well, I thought that was it.  I took it apart and tried to get the wine out… and after about 5 hours of lifelessness, she finally booted to life.  Phew.  So some pointers: 1) Computers don’t like to get drunk.  Their tolerance is very low for alcohol.  Shit, it knocked mine on it’s ass for about 5 hours.  2) Like the ’80’s movie, My laptop - Johnny #5I seriously thought a short-curcuit was in the cards.  Especially after Astro and Dan from Madison thought it was done for.  But then again, in light of recent developments, I think I will rename that stupid laptop “Johnny 5.”  Because Johnny 5 is alive. 

So, Chey, no hard feelings: it works now.  No harm no foul.  And if it didn’t, we all make mistakes.  I just chalk it up to it still being 2006 and the wonderful treatment Pam and I have received during this year.  So…. Now I’ll take “Johnny 5” up to Cleveland for New Years, continue to update my finances, continue to talk shit to Sk8 and DFM, and continue to do everything else I do on that stupid laptop.  And I may even watch Short Circuit once for old times sake…

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