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Ok, so yesterdays picks didn’t go untarnished: I ended up getting 1 out of 3.  But still, it’s in my American blood to root for the underdog a lot of times.  So now onto today.  A slew of 5 games to look forward to.  Some will probably be pretty boring, and others will be pretty good (like Oklahoma St and ‘Bama yesterday).  So here’s where I stand (by the helmets, obviously):

Go TigersStarting the series (1:00 ET) is Clemson v Kentucky.  Well, there is no explanation here as I think all of the U.S. knows that Clemson should blow out Kentucky.  Vegas says so and so do all 5 of us in the pool.  Easy pick.

Go Beavers!Next in the line-up (2:00 ET) is Mizzou v Oregon St.  Hmmm… the PAC-10 have really proven themselves with an extraordinary 1-3 record in the Bowl games thus far.  Well, I’m pulling for Oregon St.  First, because only an idiot would pull for Mizzou (look at their record) and second, Oregon St is not a California team.  All 5 of us (again) are smart enough to know who will win.  Skaterat and JohnnyJ: the PAC-10 better not let down on this one.

Go Gamecocks!After that (4:30 ET) South Carolina kicks it off against Houston.  If I’m not mistaken, all of us are pulling for SC on this one… well, except for Astro.  You know what though, at least my truck is broken down there and I can have a beer with the locals after they win.  I don’t know why I made this pick other than I think SC has the better team.

Go Red Raiders!Once it gets dark, we can prep ourselves (7:30 ET) for Texas Tech v Minnesota.  Now I do have a bro from Minnesota, but he went to the Academy with me.  So that does not grandfather in Minnesota for the pick.  This falls into the category of the first Bowl game above: Vegas thinks TT will win and so do the 5 of us.

Go Boilermakers!Lastly, the late game (8:00 ET) kicks off with Maryland v Purdue.  Honestly, I could care less of either of these teams.  I pick Purdue because 1) they can put up a good fight against Maryland and 2) they are the underdogs according to Vegas.  However, only Dan from Madison and Johnny J stand beside me on this one.

So to sum it up: the slew of games today (29Dec06) are pretty much a wash, as most of us in the pool agree with each other.  This day won’t really affect our standings: either we all go up, or we all go down.

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