Unfortunately, I missed out on yesterdays games because of the drive to Cleveland (I understand the Texas Tech game was rather impressive). Hopefully I can at least drop in on the Navy game today (ESPN) to see how they are doing. I probably won’t be able to watch any tonight. When you are on vacation visiting family, your time gets booked up pretty quick. Then throw in a few friends that you want to see as well, and you have to give up a few games every once in a while. That being said, I’m looking forward to the New Years Eve line-up… not football, but of friends. It should be a grand time as always. I’ll throw in a separate entry when the time comes.

So with under half the college bowl games left, I stand in second place with Dan from Madison (yes, I lost my two-game lead pretty quickly) and only one game behind the leader, Skaterat. I seriously doubt I have a chance at winning this bowl pool because I still have some pretty dicey picks coming up like Notre Dame (against LSU) and Penn State (against Tennessee). So let’s take a look at what we have until New Years Day:

Go MidshipmenFirst up (1:00 ET) is Navy v Boston College. Normally during the season, I always hope for the demise of the Navy and Army football teams. Well, since the Air Force played a crap-tacular season and already lost the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy, I’m going with the “if you can’t beat em, join em.” Besides, when it comes down to it, I’d rather root for a service academy over a normal college when the Air Force is knocked out of the picture. So here’s to the Navy underdogs with hopes that they can finish off a pretty good season in style.

Go LonghornsFollowing the Navy game (4:30 ET), ESPN will air Texas v Iowa. I just went with the Vegas line on this one and picked Texas. Looks like the other 4 bowl-poolers did as well. Should be a blow-out (famous last words).

Go BulldogsVirginia Tech v Georgia (8:00 ET) will close out the night on ESPN as well. Va Tech is predicted to win, but I went with Georgia for my pick. Why you ask? Because Georgia rescued me from 3 years of purgatory in Clovis, New Mexico and because they’re the underdog.

Go Wolf PackAnd since I’ll be too busy getting tanked with family and friends on New Years Eve, ESPN will cover Miami (Fla) v Nevada (7:30 ET). Since I’m an Ohio State fan, I still have a bad taste in my mouth from when Miami almost stole the BCS Championship title back in the ’02 Bowl series (and what a game it was; nothing beat watching it next to one of the biggest Miami fans ever: Sloppy McGill). Predicted to be a close game, I went with the slight underdog: Nevada. Down with Miami, Florida.

So, for quick reference, the helmets above are who I’m pulling for. Keep up with the latest in Bowl trash-talking in Astro’s Shark Tank.

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